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Fiona's 21 Day Nordic Plan


Are you experiencing issues with sleep, lack of energy, digestion or hormones? Are you looking to change your shape or weight for good, and learn how food can help you look and feel your best?

So many diets these days offer a ‘quick fix’ to help you shift a few pounds. But longer term, you may find that the weight you have lost comes back, and that the effects of stress and your demanding lifestyle continue to affect you in other ways. You may now be looking to get to the root cause of your symptoms, move away from ‘diets’ and towards a new, healthy lifestyle.

I believe that becoming healthy shouldn’t be complicated, restrictive or stressful. Your path to success is really simple; all you have to do is get back in touch with food that nourishes you - and learn how to relax and connect your body with that part of your brain that knows what your body needs and loves what you're eating.

Inspired by the Nordic way of eating, my aim is to inspire you to harness the power of nature through the food you eat. To help you to understand what your body really needs and start building the foundations for healthy living, both for you and for your family.

Ditch the diets for good & find a new and healthy way of thinking about food. Take the first step today - sign Up for my 7 daily Simple Healthy Eating Tips.

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What is Fiona's 21 Day Plan?

A set of delicious recipes, meal plan and shopping lists to transform your shape in 21 days.

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