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Is coffee is actually good for a cold?

Is coffee is actually good for a cold?

1016 Days Ago



There are some controversial opinions about coffee so you may feel guilty about indulging in your favourite brew - especially when you've got a cold.

But before you trade in your morning coffee for a Lemsip, you might want to understand a couple of important facts.

One study showed that the caffeine in coffee can relieve the groggy unpleasant feelings associated with having a cold, making you sharper and more productive if you've dragged yourself into work. The results of another study suggest that a combination of coffee and honey is more effective than steroids for resolving a stubborn post-infectious cough.

And, while there are many opinions out there on the effects of coffee on blood pressure, a study last year indicated that these effects are negligible if they exist at all - which means that it shouldn't cause any further unpleasant throbbing effects.  In fact, the antioxidants in a freshly brewed coffee with high quality beans, should actually have a soothing effect and will actually assist the healing process so you can get back in tip top shape in no time.

So if you're suffering - get the kettle on!  2 cups a day is about right for most people.


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